It’s Simple. We Manage WordPress.

You have a business to run. The last thing you need to worry about is managing your WordPress website. So leave the management to us. We have built a reputation for providing great management and support.

What makes us the best managed WordPress service?


We use state-of-the-art management and security software to make sure your site is up and running smoothly so you don’t have to.


We manage and build lots of WordPress websites and are constantly expanding our knowledge about all things Wordpress.


Have questions? Break something on your site? Not sure what the heck is going on and just need some help? We are here for you!

The features you need

Daily Backups

Hacks, server crashes, updates gone wrong – An up-to-date backup will save the day. Our backups are built to run reliably and are stored on Amazon S3 servers – In short, our backups rock!

Uptime Monitor

Server crash. White screen of death. 500 error. Defaced website. It can be scary out there on the web; we help you keep an eye on your site to make sure it’s up and running. Our Uptime Monitor keeps an eye on your websites, so you won’t have to.

Daily Malware Scans

We uses Sucuri SiteCheck to power the WordPress malware scan feature. Sucuri SiteCheck uses a 10-point site check to scan your site for known malware, blacklist status, website errors, and out-of-date software.

Hide Login & Admin

We change the default URL of your WordPress login area so attackers won’t know where to look.

Theme & Plugin Updates

Most WordPress sites that get hacked are compromised because their WordPress core, Themes, or Plugins are out of date. It’s hard to keep up with all of the updates. With our managed updates we take the worry and stress out of it – We keep your site up to date. It’s that simple.

Two-factor Log-In Authentication

Strong passwords not enough? With our system you can setup WordPress two-factor authentication. Users are then required to enter both a password AND a second code sent to a device like your Android smartphone or iPhone. Both the password and the code are required to log in to a user account, adding an extra layer of security that verifies it’s actually you logging in and not someone who gained access (or even guessed) your password.

Brute Force Protection

Limit the number of failed login attempts allowed per user with WordPress brute force protection. If someone is trying to guess your password, they’ll get locked out after a few attempts.

All For Just $39/mo

That’s just $1.20 a day to keep your website safe!